Nail by ThuLan

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Executive Manicure • $18


Full-service manicure with a complete forearm massage. Hydrate hands, shape nails, apply cuticle softener and remove unwanted cuticle, full forearm massage. Your choice of nail color.


T-Spa Manicure • $32


Let us pamper you with our Green Tea Mask to hydrate, exfoliate and soothe your skin. Two steps of Green Tea mask are applied to the Executive Manicure,aroma hotstone forearm massage  followed by your choice of Chanel polish.


Gel Polish • $35


Gorgeous premium shellac product is guaranteed to outshine and outlast any regular nail polish. Service includes shape and buffing nails followed by aroma oil forearm massage.

French Polish • $ 7

Polish Change • $ 12

Paraffin Hand Treatment • $ 12

Chanel polish . $ 5


Executive Pedicure • $ 40


Sit back, relax, and let us rejuvenate and pamper your feet with an Executive Pedicure. Start with a whirlpool foot soak in sea salt. Next your nails are shaped, cuticles and calluses are removed, your feet are exfoliated. A hot stone massage and paraffin heel wrap are next, followed by polish.


T-Spa Pedicure • $ 68


A comprehensive pedicure...because you deserve it! Start with an aromatic lavender salt water foot soak.After your nails have been trimmed and cuticles are cleaned,using organic green tea mask is applied and a maximum exfoliation. We use a special product to remove calluses for skin smoothing. Before your choice of Chanel nail polish, enjoy 10 minutes of aromatic hot stone massage.


Therapeutic paraffin Pedicure $ 75


 We begin with a whirlpool foot bath to soften and dehydrate the skin. After your nails have been trimmed and cuticles are cleaned, remove any rough spots on the heels and soles of your foot ,follow with organic exfoliate finish your hour of pampering with an combination of paraffin wrap while invigorating hot stone massage of your feet and lower legs, final with color of your choice. You'll leave the spa feeling relaxed and ready for whatever comes your way.



Mini Pedicure • $ 28


Here's a quick, enjoyable way to beautify your feet. Try our foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle removing mini service, followed by nail polish.


French or Chanel Polish • $ 10

Polish Change • $ 15

Paraffin Treatment • $ 15

Callus remove $ 10


                                   Artificial Nails


UV Gel Nails

Full Set $70

Full Set - Pink & White $85

Refill $40

Backfill - Pink & White $65

Repair $8


SNS organic gel

Full Set $ 100

Refill $ 60

Repair $ 10

Silk Wrap Full Set $ 70

Silk Wrap Refill $ 45

Silk Wrap Repair $ 7





Lashes  $ 20

Brows  $ 15

Lashes and brows  $ 30

 Lash Tint Specially formulated for the eye area and lashes. Lasts about four weeks. This service is best for clients who have light lashes naturally, if your lashes are naturally dark, you will not see much difference.


                                Lashes extension


Full set  $ 100

Remove $ 20

Lash Removal Cluster lashes can be removed gently by working a pure oil (such as olive oil) into the bonds for a few nights before bedtime. This will slowly dissolve the adhesive and they will fall out gradually. If you find yourself picking at them or you want them all off at once, please schedule a removal. DO NOT pull them out, you WILL take some of your natural lashes out if extensions are not removed properly.  



                                      Permanent Makeup

                                        Consultation: $50

                       (waived if service booked with non-refundable deposit) 

          Eyebrows: starts at $350-$500
       (depending on how much works needs to be done) 

         Permanent Eye Liner (upper only): $250
         Permanent Eye Liner (lower only): $250 

         Permanent Upper & Lower liner (same day appt): $400 


      East Meets West

       Foot Massage

The eastern philosophy states that foot massages strip the negative energy and stressors that build in the meridians and  channels positive energy through the body. 

The East meets West foot massage is an hour long service filled with relaxation. To begin your journey, we have you soak your feet in soothing herbal water to get rid of toxins, leading you to the leg steamer to enjoy an upper body massage. Sit back in our brand new lounge and indulge yourself in a long restful leg and foot massage. To top off your experience, to treat you're newly replenished feet, we then will dip your feet in a warm paraffin wax. When you are done, you will leave feeling like you're walking on cloud nine.  $85


          Waxing services

Using soy base non wax product ,

The correct brow shape can do wonders for the overall look of your face, drawing more attention to your eye area and giving you a more lifted and youthful appearance.


Brows design  $ 20

Brow Regular maintenant $ 15

Lip,chin,sideburns   $ 10/ea.

Full face   $ 35

fingers or toes $ 5


                    Brow Tweeze 

Brows will be shaped to be harmonious with your facial features. Manual tweeze, perfect for those on skin thinning medications, having laser procedures, peels or microdermabrasion.  $ 15


                  Male brow wax

Gentle wax, very low instance of irritation. Brows will be cleaned up following the natural contours of the bone structure resulting in a masculine look. If you would like to be arched, please book a Signature Brow Wax. $ 20

                  Body Waxing 


Lip or chin              $ 10 ea.

Nostrils or  finger/toes  $5 ea.                                           

Sideburns              $ 15                                               Ears                    $ 8

Brow design           $ 20 (1st visit)                              

brow maintain         $ 15                                              

Full Arm / Half       $45/$30                                       

Underarm             $ 25                                              

Full leg                 $ 65                                              

Lower leg/upper leg $ 35

Belly trail              $ 8

Full stomach          $ 25

Lower back          $ 20

Bikini line              $ 30

Brazilian               $ 60                 

Buttocks             $ 30


Brown shaping        $ 15

Ears                   $ 8

Neck/hairline          $ 15

Chest                  $45

Back                  $50

Shoulder              $25